Rare & Short




released October 28, 2016


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NORTH ALONE Osnabrück, Germany


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Track Name: The Romantic Sense Of Rock'n'Roll

The streets all look the same
have I really never been to this place before
I can’t remember your name
even though I am sure that I met you a long time ago
I drove 2500 miles
in only five days
30 hours behind the wheel
I am tired but I’m on my way

and still I wake up on the floor
it’s nothing less and nothing more

the faded tags on backstage walls
It seems like I have seen them all
what am I doing this for?
The romantic sense of Rock’n’Roll

in the middle of nowhere on a parking lot
expensive bad coffee from a paper cup
I drank too less and I smoked to much
a handshake good-bye was all I got

between load-in and load-out
endless hours of hanging around
but not in the coach of the headlining band
I need to drive on my own in my own fucked up van

but still I love all this so much
cause it’s just everything that I’ve got

my tag it may fade one day
or vanish under fresh white paint
maybe that’s the the price it costs
if you would like to say: I did what I loved the most
Track Name: Rare & Short

Can you still count the times that you were wrong
all the times say told you to be strong
all the times they asked you for a smile
„Forget about the bitch who’s gone!“
it’s easier said than done
you think it isn’t even worse the trial
but she will never come back and that is a fact
she already has new man
be honest you’re not the type of boy
for staying friends

Remember the good times
though they were rare and short
and even if it seems they never will come back
it isn’t easy as we know
but if we’re true we’re much to old
to be so god damn sad
so wipe those tears away
and listen to all those sad songs with me
we need to bear this pain as long as our hearts beat

you need to rise up from your grave you dig
your life is what you make of it
sounds simple but it’s also true
so get yourself a chewing gum
put your fucking pink glasses on
play punk rock songs instead of lonesome blues
tear off the sleeves of your Jawbreaker Shirt
and try to be a little happy
if you would like to
you could sing along with me
Track Name: The Way

Who should know better than me
that thinking positive is not always easy
as it seems to be
I got it done all alone
and now I’m relieved
can you wake me up from this dream
get me back to reality
I need a hand that guides me
cause I can’t get it out of here

was it the target or not even the plan
remind me again and again again

Behind the shadows burns a light
you have to try to face them push them aside
the only chance you have to win
is to accept the fight
and even in the darkest hour
try to believe there is a power
that guides you home one day
if you enjoy the way

Too often I said the worst is yet to come
but so many good things are left undone
I don’t want this world to change
just my little piece of it
but somehow you are right and I must admit
that I’m like Mr. Unsatisfied
so please take my hand and be my guide
show me the way I do not find
cause I can’t get out of here

and when the water hits the shore
I’m not afraid cause there must be more
I’m still alive and the horizon is the goal
Track Name: Half Of The Trail

Another night a different town
one more time I’m on my own
I can’t sleep and I stare at your picture
on my mobile phone
I had too many drinks too many cigarettes
all I’m longing for is my own bed
cause these sheets smell like yours
and that’s driving me mad

Yeah it has been a while
since I fell in love for the very last time
since I acted like a fool since
I acted like a child
I saw you today across the street
but I looked away when you looked at me
cause I’m still not ready for this
after all those years
I don’t need no more mails
I don’t need no more calls
at least I don’t need you at all
if I say it often enough, it might come true

now that half of the trail is done
I look back to the days
when all this has begun
this record has been released
20 years ago

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